Campaign Diary

Session Notes

Session 2: The Guardian's Call

The party, now joined by the strange and otherworldly Salvine, find themselves in possession of a tainted shard of petrified wood. Its vile, corrupting influence killed one of the sacred guardians of the Southern Grove and returned it to life warped and twisted.

Session 3: Tokcha Vandalmar

The adventurers travel far and wide in the Goodhearth region searching for clues to the nature of the corruption that is seeping into the Southern Grove. Aided by the druid Teak of the Bear, the party made a grizzly discovery in the heart of the forest. The camp where the Grove Guardian's made their home had been razed and many of the inhabitants slaughtered. Teak of the Bear left the group to track down the remaining Guardians while the party went to investigate a strange sapling growing at the center of a circle of standing stones.

Session 4: Gathering Corruption

The adventurers faced off with cultists of The Lost One and destroyed the corrupt tree that acted as a conduit for the spreading corruption in the Southern Grove. The party crossed over to the planes of Hrutak and Quilloa to collect the shards placed there and defeated a corrupted guardian to collect a third shard.

Session 5: Ambush!

Continuing their mission to gather the blight shards, the adventurers were ambushed by Eln of the Willow, a mysterious woman able to shapeshift into a bird. She claims to be responsible for the corruption. When the battle turned against her, Eln fled, leaving the party to face a corrupted guardian.

Session 6: So, We Meet Again.

The party was confronted by the Warden of Griffondale before heading to Willowblight Cave to deal with the region's hag infestation. After a hard fought battle, the party was victorious in defeating Eln of the Willow and the Hags of Willowblight Cave.

Session 7: A Farewell to Corruption

The party struck out from Griffondale to claim the reward for bringing Eln of the Willow to justice and found Fort Rawlins in disarray. After being issued a requisition order for their gold they picked up the trail of the mysterious gnome who brought them together.

Session 8: About Town

The party explored Shieldcrest and decided to investigate rumors of a ghost haunting Moontower's Fantastic Goods Emporium, where Salvine took an interest in on of the store's patrons. After securing lodging for the night, they returned to the shop after nightfall and interrupted a burglar trying to break into the store.

Session 10: The Gnome

The party picks at the threads of a complex mystery involving an adamantine statue and finally catches up to the mysterious gnome, Rene Athropode, they've searched for so many weeks.

Session 11: Gull Island

The party landed on Gull Island and explored what was to be found but quickly found more than they bargined for.

Session 12: The Citadel

The party explored the second and thrid tiers of the ancient citadel they found themselves trapped on.

Session 18: In the Mouth of Madness

The party faced off against a fallen paladin and her undead minions for the fate of the Tormad Plateau. They returned to Shieldcrest victorious in their struggle only to find burned out ruins.


Portrait of Morina Stormsbane

Morina Stormsbane

A dwarven cleric from Lisell

Portrait of Baeren Torunn

Baeren Torunn

A dwarven barbarian from Lisell

Portrait of Alzaren


A half elven bard from Quath.

Portrait of Salvine


A kitsune warlock from the outer planes.

Portrait of Darius Jorah

Darius Jorah Retired

A half elven wizard from Quath.