Cardinian Tales

Let no one tell you different, Cardinia lies. A casual ride west from the capital might give you the impression of quiet, pastoral life, but darkness runs deep in the foothills of the Tormad Range. Exploration of the ruins dotting the landscape like festering boils is strictly forbidden by royal decree, but that doesn’t stop explorers from smuggling artifacts through the mountains to the black markets in the desert of Quath.


The Dragon in the Mountains

A pesant girl tricked a mighty dragon into owning a ranch.

Faenor's Bridge

During the Twin's War, the greatest hero of the Forgotten Empire held off the invading forces of Shik's army on a bridge that crossed a great chasm in Tolgynn.

The Corruption of Delvinos

Delvinos the Lich corrupted a forest in the Forgotten Empire to distract the mages who protected the great library.

Heroes and Villains

Eln of the Willow Deceased

A Zealous druid whose rigid loyalty to the natural world lead her to be one of it's greatest villains.