Languages of Cardinia

There are no racial languages in Cardinia. Your character does not gain any additional languages based on race. If you gain a language from a non-racial source that does not appear on this list you may choose any non-exotic language instead.

Common Languages

Language Spoken in…
Common Most of the world
Särpa Tribes in the jungles of Särpak
Quathi The people of the Quath Desert
Vaulish The islanders of Vaul, Traders
Arreg The forest dwellers of Arris
Hefaran The sailors of Hefarn, Traders
Krysdamelen The islanders of Krysdamala, Traders
Lakanni The citizens of Lakan

Exotic Languages

The campaign will take place mostly on the continent of Cardinia. Languages from other continents or planes are rare and any language presented on the table below can only be taken with DM approval.
Language Spoken by…
Ancient Common Denizens of the Deep
Mawki Demons and Devils from the Matok, the plane of fiends.
Aumh Celestials from Aumwa, the plane of celestials.
Xend Aberrations from Tendri,the plane of aberrations.
Proto-common Dragons and the First Elves
Primodial Elementals
Faeri Fey from Faeroth, the plane of fey, Hrutak, the plane of growth, and Quilloa, plane of decay.
Druidic Druid Circles
Thieves’ Cant Spies, Rogues, and some Soldiers
Tolg The traders of Tolgynn