Session 6: So, We Meet Again

The floor creaks as an elderly, grey skinned orc wearing patched and oiled leather armor walks confidently into the inn. A spindly warforged with glowing runes etched across its body ducks under the door frame after him. The orc stops just inside and casually rests against an ancient looking spear; letting his shield arm swing loosely at his side while he surveys the room.

“Magda, you alive darlin’,” he asks, ignoring the rest of the room.

“Y-yes,” Magda slurs.

“Are you dying, or drunk,” he asks.

“Druh, drunk.”

“Good,” he says and turns to face you.

“Ta'ak, why don’t you run grab Goldenclaw,” he says over his shoulder to the warforged. The orc rubs the stubble on his chin and adds, “Better get Quat, too.”

“Urzal, if these mercenaries killed Calloway and his men, they might be-”

“Nevermind that, these folks ain’t gonna to hurt nobody else.”

“Magda and I are gonna go into the kitchen and make a pot of coffee. When she sobers up some, I’m gonna ask her some questions. Then I’m gonna come back out and we’re gonna have a chat.”

He studies each of your faces for a moment before retrieving Magda from behind the bar.

“I suggest that while we’re gone, you folks get your story straight,” he says as he closes the door to the kitchen behind him.

Cast of Characters


  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Morina Stormsbane played by Jolene
  • Kalkukhan Annunaki played by James


  • Urzal lung the Warden of Griffondale
  • Ta’ak Urzal’s deputy
  • Magda Riarson the proprietor of the Baron’s Chamber Pot
  • Goldenclaw A haughty Dragonborn wizard, living in Griffondale
  • Quat Suelto High priest of Sonah
  • Cobb lover of music and proprietor of Briar’s Blossom
  • Sunbark The last of the Grove Guardians
  • Koda Oakmoss foreman of the Griffondale logging operations and childhood friend of Teak of the Bear
  • Illith, Nisil, and Eretu hags living in Willowblight Cave
  • Eln of the Willow a corrupted druid bent of destroying the Southern Grove

The Warden

The party speaks with Ta’ak, Goldenclaw, and Urzal about the bandits, but little new information is learned. Magda, who was incredibly drunk, rewarded the adventurers with 10 gold scepters (50gp) and a cask of Lakanni Stout (worth 50gp).

Turtle Club

Kalkukhan Annunaki, a druid from Quath, tracked down Darius Jorah who was holding a book for him. Before confronting Darius, a small racoon delivered a message from an unknown sender.

“Most unfortunate. Mae and I will come to collect the girl. Thank you friend, your kindness shall not be forgotten.”

The message, clearly meant for someone else, meant nothing to Kalkukhan. Entering the inn, Kalkukhan tried to confront Darius, but the wizard, who had seemed to the party withdrawn and morose, fled. After the confrontation, Urzal Lung, the Warden of Griffondale spoke with the adventurers. He informed the group that Magda, fearing reprisal from the bandits, was temporarily closing her inn and that they needed to leave. Before setting off, Urzal asked that if the party was able to clear the hags out of the cave, that they see him for a potential reward.

Cobb’s Bargain

The party and Kalkukhan walked next door to Briar’s Blossom to find lodging for the night. When the cheerful Satyr, Cobb, who runs the bar found out that several in the group were musicians he offered them a deal: impress him with song and he will reward them with food and lodging for one year and one day (393 days), if not they would owe him a favor, to be named later. Alzaren was suspicious and pressed the Satyr for details of the favor. Cobb told him that one of the hags in Willowblight cave had stolen a book from him that he wants back. Since they were going there anyway, the party agreed to the deal. Alzaren, Baeren, and Kalkukhan performed a song retelling the story of The Dragon in the Mountains. Once Kalkukhan realized that the song was about an evil dragon, he dropped out of the melody in protest.

Cobb was impressed by the tune and rewarded the party with food and lodging for one year and one day, and also with a Lute of Illusions (Xanathar's Guide to Everything pg. 137).

The party rested, ate a large breakfast, and began planning their attack on Willowblight Cave. During his morning exercises, Baeren discovered that the Grove Guardian’s axe had begun to crack and decay.

Willowblight Cave

The party travelled south to the logging camp and rejoined Sunbark. Koda Oakmoss asked to join them in their quest to defeat Eln of the Willow and they gave no argument. The group travelled southwest to the location of the cave. Before heading in, they buried the blight shards to keep them out of the hags’ clutches.

With the shards safely stored, the party formed a plan and picked their way through the fallen rocks and scree to just outside the entrance to the cave. Alzaren cast an orb of silence on the hags, preventing them from casting spells, while the rest of the party moved in. The hags were caught entirely unaware and took grievous wounds before they were able to gain their bearings. The chaos of the sudden attack overwhelmed the witches who used the only tool they had, invisibility, to try to mount a counter offensive. The party was too strong, however. After a lengthy game of cat and mouse with two of the hags, a third joined the fight.

The three hags were no match for the adventurers. After two of the hags were defeated, Alzaren shattered one of the cavern walls, which created a passageway to the chamber where Eln of the Willow waited.

Eln and the remaining hag were quickly dispatched by the party.

After defeating Eln and the hags, the party investigated the rest of the cave to see what treasures were to be found. In the detritus they found:

Magic Items

  • Potion of Healing
  • Potion of Invulnerability
  • Dust of Disappearance
  • Deck of Illusions (13 cards remaining)
  • Clockwork Amulet (Xanathar's Guide to Everything pg. 137)
  • Dread Helm (Xanathar's Guide to Everything pg. 137)
  • One Sending Stone (which matches one of the two stones recovered from the cultists in the Guardian's Circle)


  • Gnarled Staff (that deals an additional +1 damage)

Misc. (300gp total)

  • Whistle made of Sunwood (50gp)
  • Amber with half of a leaf trapped inside (50gp)
  • A gold ring with 3 settings, one contains a bloodstone, the others are empty (100gp)
  • A Silver necklace with a moss agate pendant (100gp)
  • A box of amethyst animal figurines (fox, bear, snake, owl, and panther) (100gp for the set)
  • A Fae Tome, probably stolen from Cobb
  • A Tome written in Ancient Common, bound in suspicious leather.

Gemstones (1,000gp total)

  • Four large Quartz (50gp each)
  • Pink Pearl (100gp)
  • Two moonstones (50gp each)
  • Two blue tourmaline (50gp each)
  • Red Beryl (100gp)
  • Four, Trillion Cut Garnets (100gp each)


  • 92 Platinum Crowns (10gp each)
  • 255 Gold Scepters (5gp each)
  • 992 Electrum Staves (0.5gp each)
  • 9,271 Silver Hammers (0.1gp each)
  • 3,516 Copper Sickles (0.01gp each)

Dividing the coins on an even split without converting them to other currency, each character would receive: 18 platinum crowns, 51 gold scepters, 198 electrum staves, 1,854 silver hammers, and 703 copper sickles, that weighs 65.66lbs. When converted to gold pieces the value would be 726gp 4sp 3cp.

2 platinum crowns, 2 electrum staves, 1 silver hammer, 1 copper sickle would remain.

After counting their treasure, the party took a brief rest to catch their breath and plan their next move.