Session 8: About Town

The streets of Blackwright’s Hammer are full of movement and noise. People move in and out of shops, laughing and calling out to friends. Merchants haggle with their customers over wares spread out on blankets along the streets. Food sellers hoist grilled meats high above their heads and call out for attention. Children pick their way through the crowds, passing too closely to distracted shoppers. One child, a small human girl with shabby clothes, tries her luck with a round, stern faced elven man. Before she can get safely out of reach, the man grabs her wrist and pulls the girl aloft. The crowd opens around the pair to avoid the confrontation. The girl opens her mouth in a gap-toothed smile and throws a heavy looking bag over the man’s shoulder. The elf watches his coin purse sail through the air and burst open on the street, sending gems and glinting coin everywhere. While he is distracted, the girl kicks the side of his head and vaults off his chest in one fluid motion. She sprints off and disappears into the crowd before the elf even has a chance to raise his hand. With an oath he walks over to where the purse landed and begins searching for his lost coins. Just another day in Shieldcrest.

Cast of Characters


  • Morina Stormsbane played by Jolene
  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Alzaren played by Dave


  • Reigel Lightwart puzzle maker and toy store owner
  • Octavia Barnaby the widow of a prominent businessman in shieldcrest
  • Jaane Freeglove talented armorsmith working in Blackwright’s Hammer
  • Felice Longbrow aloof, but talented weaponsmith
  • Gund Ironjaw bookbinder & owner of Signature Bindings
  • Eustace Stormson clothier and tailor
  • Cici Hammersmith tends the counter at Moontower’s Fantastic Goods Emporium
  • Barrick Weaseltree bar owner and information broker
  • [Name Unknown] & [Name Unknown] Three Dragon Ante players who know more than the average bar patron
  • Iris Eldrosil High Tabaxi that Salvine took an interest in
  • Corna Redhook deadly assassin orchestrating the bandit operations in the region
  • [Name Unknown] assassin specializing in poisons

Adventurers Be Shoppin’

After leaving the Pinerock Inn, the party wandered for a bit. They found their way to the shop of Reigel Lightwart, a kobold puzzlemaker and enchanter. Salvine and Alzaren took an interest in what the kobold was selling but found his wares to be too expensive. Salvine had great fun chasing a squirrel summoned during a demonstration of the merchant’s wares. Outside the shop, Morina detected the presence of some unusual magic and went to investigate the owner. Asking for directions as a cover, she discovered the owner of the strange magic was none other than Octavia Barnaby. Octavia gave her directions to a good tailor, and confessed to following the party, hoping to learn more about the strange circumstances of her husband’s death. After a brief conversation, Octavia left the party with an offer of payment should they find any useful information about who tipped Clifton off about Herschel Starling’s intentions to kill him.

Salvine wanted new clothes, and on Octavia’s recommendation, visited Eustace Stormson to place an order.

Baeren was interested in commissioning a few items from a blacksmith so the party headed in that direction. Morina decided to get in some reading time while Baeren shopped, Alzaren stopped at a street corner and began playing an enchanting tune, and Salvine wandered off in search of shinies.

After placing an order for new gauntlets and asking Felice Longbrow to improve upon his newly purchased sword, Baeren returned to his companions, only to realize Salvine was nowhere to be found. Morina, however, was able to track him down in the twisting maze of alleys and shops of Blackwright’s Hammer.

After recovering their missing companion, the party decided to scope out Moontower’s Fantastic Goods Emporium. Salvine took an interest in one of the shoppers, a Tabaxi woman named Iris. He followed her around the store, saying little.

Alzaren and Morina talked with Cici, the halfling teenager manning the counter, and learned little about the ghost reported to haunt the store.

Salvine was enthralled by the Tabaxi woman and when the party left the store, he ran off after her.

A Room for the Night

The party, minus Salvine, headed for Weaseltree’s, an inn that had been recommended to them, to find lodging for the night. Baeren and Alzaren spoke with the owner, who pointed them to some rough looking fellows playing a game of card who might have more information about the mysterious gnome known as Rene Athropode. The card players offered a wager, if Baeren won, they’d tell him everything they knew about Rene, otherwise Baeren would give them 100gp. Baeren won.

The card players told Baeren and Alzaren about Rene’s schedule for the next week.

Unrequited Interest

Salvine pursued Iris as she moved through Goodhearth, on her way home. When he finally revealed his presence, he showed Iris the book that Morina loaned him, Cat Husbandry. She was confused and offended but quickly was able to compose herself and mistakenly assumed Salvine’s naivety for the ignorance of a child and assumed he was an orphan. Iris lead Salvine to the Temple of Varuna, where people with no other place to go can find sanctuary.

Ghosts N Stuff

After sunset, the party headed back to Moontower’s to investigate the reports of ghosts. Baeren assessed the perimeter while Alzaren & Morina used magic to survey the area. When he was rounding a corner, a spectral figure burst from Baeren’s chest and moved away from the dwarf. Alzaren & Morina, moving to inspect the new magic, interrupted someone trying to pick the lock on the side door of Moontower’s. The burglar fled past Baeren as he watched the ghost move away and beckon him to follow. Instead, he decided to pursue the fleeing bandit while Morina and Alzaren chased the magic of the ghost.

Baeren pursued the fleeing burglar through an inn, out a widow and down and alley before catching and capturing him. He dragged the uncooperative captive back to Moontower’s, where Morina & Alzaren had lost the trail of the ghost. The party interrogated the rogue who revealed his cell was headquartered in Moontower’s and reported to Corna Redhook.

The bandit appeared to be about to reveal the entire plan, but was interrupted by a fireball to the face. A figure stood on the roof of Moontower’s, silhouetted by moonlight, checking her aim before fading into the darkness. Baeren, using his finely honed tactical knowledge, tried to estimate where the figure had run to and moved to intercept.

He rounded the corner of an alleyway just as the figure leapt down. The fight was brutal and almost claimed Morina & Alzaren when a second assailant joined the fray.

After barely defeating the rogues, the party stopped to tend their wounds and catch their breath.