Session 9: Moontower's Master

The sound of ringing steel fades and the stillness of the empty streets return. A gentle breeze blows and carries in the scent of rain. It starts slowly. Freezing drops fall and mix with the pooled blood in the alley. Thunder crashes in the distance. From around the corner the sound of two revelers can be heard moving up the alley from the nearby tavern. One lets out an excited shout upon discovering the scorched body leaning against the side door to Moontower’s. Another voice joins the pair and soon the trio is debating the cause of death with the certainty that only comes from heavy drink.

A bolt of lightning causes the stained glass of the temple to dance sinisterly. Priests and acolytes make the rounds with a large, metal cauldron ladling soup for the vagrants who have come in to take refuge from the storm.

Cast of Characters


  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene


  • Assorted Drunks tavern rats that stumbled into the wrong alley
  • Berte Ebonkin Shieldcrest’s Marshal

A Little Bird

An informant Octavia hired to keep an eye on the party notified her that they were on the move. She decided to tail them herself and finally caught up to them after they defeated the bandits at Moontower’s.

Fox and Friends

Salvine ate soup that the priests and acolytes of the Temple of Varuna passed out, but a voice in his head kept him from getting too comfortable. He decided that returning to his travelling companions was safer and followed their scent to Moontower’s.

It was Witches!

The revelers that discovered the body had come to three distinct and equally believable conclusions about the mysterious body propped against the door in the alleyway next to Moontower’s. While they debated who was right, Alzaren and Baeren interrupted them. The pair asked the men to retrieve the local authorities and soon they were off. Morina, still in shock from her recent brush with death, could do little but stare blankly into the distance.

Octavia approached the party while this was going on, followed closely by Salvine. The four exchanged stories about what they’d been up to and decided it was best to investigate Moontower’s for clues to the bandit’s activities.

Just a Little Look Around

Alzaren and Octavia were able to bypass the surprisingly good lock on Moontower’s side door and gain access to the warehouse. After a lengthy search and a few pocketed alchemy ingredients, Baeren discovered a cleverly concealed trapdoor. Octavia bypassed the lock and the party descended into the secret basement.

After triggering several traps and bypassing several others, the party searched the basement. Alzaren discovered several books containing the movements of people around town and several more detailed dossiers on notable figures in town including some of the nobility and prominent merchants. Octavia also found a notebook that had been hidden up in the rafters of the basement, detailing the bandits’ movements.

Baeren found a massive vault door that showed evidence of previous attempts to crack it. Octavia and Alzaren decided to try their luck with the door.

Johnny Law

Baeren rejoined Morina topside to wait for the drunk and the authorities to return while Octavia and Alzaren worked on the vault. Marshal Berte Ebonkin himself arrived to investigate the scene and grilled Baeren on his motives. After a tense discussion, the Marshal went to retrieve assistance for carting off the bodies and Baeren returned to see if Alzaren and Octavia had been able to defeat the vault door.

As luck would have it, they were able to unlock the vault and the four searched it. They found the scene of a skeleton with a dagger in his chest and a sword and wand on his lap. Baeren retrieved the sword to see if it was any good only to discover that he could not get rid of it. Alzaren picked up the wand and Octavia used her mage’s hand to retrieve a circlet worn by the skeleton. Moving the circlet disturbed a wraith that fell on the party.

Circlet Wraith

The wraith proved to be quite a challenge for the party who were still wounded and depleted from the fight with the bandits earlier. Eventually they were able to overcome the wraith and free its spirit.

Baeren, not pleased with his new found cursed sword, decided it would be prudent to visit a priest as soon as possible. Octavia returned to her rooms at the Pinerock Inn and retired for the evening, after unsuccessful attempts at deriving a poison from two borrowed Tawxith quills.

A Generous Gift

Baeren, Alzaren, and Salvine travelled to the Temple of Varuna to seek the services of a priest. The one they found was too busy to help them immediately, but was convinced to drop what he was doing by being presented with the bounty for Eln of the Willow. He escorted Baeren and Alzaren to a private room in the interior of the temple and Salvine, hearing the voices once again, snuck behind the three waiting for the priest to attack. He didn’t, and instead removed the curse from the sword and healed Baeren and Alzaren’s wounds. Alzaren asked the priest to identify the other items they recovered from the vault before the three adventurers returned to Weaseltree’s for the night.

In the morning, the innkeeper gave Baeren a package from Morina, whose brush with death had reminded her of her original mission in Cardinia. She gave Baeren the sending stones she carried and wished the party well in their search for the gnome and the person behind Clifton Barnaby’s death.

Reminded they had them, they tried the stones to see if they would get an answer. They got several. Contemplating the messages they received from the stones, the party ate breakfast as they prepared for a day of adventure.