Session 10: The Gnome

The patrons in Weaseltree’s at this time of the morning are somber and quiet. Some are still here from the night before, while others shuffle in off the streets hoping to find a quick bite before starting their shift. Weaseltree is nowhere to be found, but a young woman with a plain face and shock of red hair moves swiftly through the bar, still cleaning up from the night before. She wipes down tables, picks up plates, and dumps unfinished drinks into a pail she carries in the crook of her arm. She moves with the practiced hand of someone who has done this dance many times before.

As she passes, she asks, “Are you folks doing alright?”

Cast of Characters


  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene
  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody


  • Berte Ebonkin Shieldcrest’s Marshal
  • [Name unknown] City Manager
  • Heath Comstock General laborer at Moontower’s
  • [Name Unknown] Captain of the Queen’s Comfort
  • Finnes McGregor Owner of the Foxlow Inn
  • Earl McCready Deckhand on the Queen’s Comfort and underworld informant
  • Arlette Ghostknee Apothecary & Alchemist
  • Harkin Pons Low level thug, probably dead
  • Laurentius Angeltongue thatcher turned home decor merchant
  • Gwendol Arrolis Patron of the Pinerock Inn
  • Morina Stormsbane Cleric of Farrok who travelled with the party for a time
  • Rene Athropode Information broker
  • Orrin Greaves Gull Lake ferryman

Part One: Civil Duty

The party gathered for breakfast to decide their next move. After some discussion about where and when to be, they decided to visit Marshal Ebonkin to give their statement about the events of the previous night.

The Marshal’s questions were pointed, but easily answered. After being convinced of their trustworthiness, he deputized them and tasked them with assisting his office in getting to the bottom of the murder of an unidentified half-orc in the dock district.

Part Two: Who Framed Harkin Pons?

After taking their leave from the Marshal’s office, the party travelled to the docks to follow up on a lead. They visited the Queen’s Comfort, a trading barge, to find a deckhand by the name of McCready. The captain of the ship informed them that McCready was on leave and could be found at the Foxlow Inn, near Moontower’s Fantastic Goods Emporium.

Baeren and Alzaren talked with the owner of the Foxlow and learned that McCready was likely in a room upstairs, sleeping. The pair posed as employees of the inn and Alzaren conned his way into the room. He learned, after interviewing McCready, that several people were very interested in talking with a dwarf matching Baeren’s description. Alzaren agreed to pass on any information he heard. In addition, he also learned that the word on the street was that Harkin Pons was responsible for the dead half-orc. After concluding their dealings, Baeren burst into the room, confronted McCready, and cautioned him to drop his search.

Meanwhile, Octavia struck up a conversation with a young man who was quietly eating breakfast. She learned that he worked for Moontower in his warehouse, among other things.

Part Three: The Fox and the Stone

After the party left the Marshal’s office, Salvine decided to slip away and explore the city. He first wandered to a nearby field of ruined buildings and examined a large black obelisk that stood at its center. It radiated strange and powerful magic. He tried to suss out its purpose, but was unable.

Curious, he decided to visit the nearby Library of Farrok to find answers. The librarian told him it was the site of a magical accident long ago. A wizard named Xavier created the stone while researching Fallen Empire artifacts and now no stone would lay atop another and no nail would hold within an arrow’s shot of the obelisk, which is known as Xavier’s Folly.

In that moment, Salvine decided that he would be a hero. He would destroy the stone and free the town of its blight. He sprinted as fast as he could back to the site and hurled a bolt of pure arcane energy at the abomination. It absorbed it like a soapstone would absorb a drop of water. So he tried again. When his second blast yielded the same result, he lost interest and wandered into more populated areas.

Part Four: Lakeside

After leaving the Foxlow Inn, the party travelled to the dock district to ask around about Harkin Pons. Octavia and Alzaren were able to find the door to his bolthole and the party paid him a visit. He admitted freely to having the half-orc, whose name was Greel, killed because he lost a statue he was hired to transport. Pons suspected that the boy had something to do with it. However, that was likely not the case. Pons was packing to leave, fearing he would meet the same fate as the unfortunate courrier. He suspected that the bandits operating out of the basement of Moontower’s were responsible, but with their recent deaths, he thought it unlikely he could recover the statue.

Part Five: A Watched Pot

Salvine found his way into the shop of Laurentius Angeltongue, a minotaur who sold decorative objects. Salvine asked him several questions and purchased a large orb made of pinecones before departing. He wandered for a time before finding himself in front of an apothecary’s shop. He entered and was greeted by Arlette Ghostknee, an elderly dwarf who wore too much makeup. He asked the woman to teach him alchemy. At first she protested, but after he offered her the bag of gold he carried, she agreed and set him to learning the secrets of the craft. Mostly she made him run her errands and boil a pot of water.

Part Six: Pinerock and Roll

The party decided to wait at the Pinerock Inn for the mysterious gnome, who reliable sources had told them would be there that night. Baeren left to search for Salvine while Alzaren and Octavia waited in the bar. The two ordered drinks and bar snacks while waiting and Alzaren offered his services as a bard to the patron. Gwendol Arrolis was unimpressed by Alzaren’s scruffy attire, but accepted his offer on the condition that he played somewhere out of sight.

Baeren headed back to the last place he had remembered seeing Salvine and began asking around about the kitsune’s whereabouts. It took him awhile to find the trail. After searching for several hours he found Morina at the Library of Farrok. She told Baeren that Salvine had stopped in asking about a local anomaly known as Xavier’s Folly. Baeren headed there and found a pair of artists who had seen the fox travelling into Blackwright’s Hammer. He wandered through the district until at last he spotted Salvine.

The two reunited and caught up. Baeren told Salvine to return to the Pinerock when his business with the alchemist was done.

While Baeren and Salvine were still travelling back to the Pinerock, Rene Athropode entered the bar. He was soon confronted by Octavia and Alzaren. He invited the pair to join him at a private table in the back where he sometimes conducted business.

They talked for a time and Rene revealed much, but withheld more. He told the party of Harkin Pons’ imminent death and of Rene’s information brokering operation. The gnome asked that Baeren and Salvine join them before getting too deep into the night and Octavia sent word for them to enter.

When the party was finally reunited, Rene explained that he often travelled to the Rubbing Goose to find new arrivals to the area that would be useful to his goals. To expedite the process, he used spiked drinks to loosen their tongues. Baeren was justifiably angry with the gnome. But fearing what allies he may have, took no immediate action.

As the night wore on, Rene eventually asked the party for their assistance. An informant of his had stopped reporting in several days ago near the newly opened mines in Bearcliff. Rene wants the party to determine his fate.

Part Seven: No Island is a Man

The gnome retired for the night and left the party with the bill for the extravagant meal they shared. The party was annoyed. They decided not to worry too much about it though and travelled to the pier where the Gull Lake ferry docked. They talked Orrin into dropping them off at the island in the middle of the lake.

As the ferry glided quietly over the water, the party gathered their strength and wits, preparing for whatever adventure would meet them there.