Session 11: Gull Island

Moonlight glints in the dark, rolling surface of Gull Lake. The sounds of insects fade as the ferry moves further from the shoreline. All that is left is the gentle lapping of waves against the side of the ferry. It is a small, flat vessel barely larger than an inn table. There is little more to the craft than a few study planks lashed to several mossy logs, but Orrin pilots the unruly skiff expertly through the maze of rocks that act as a breakwater and barrier along the shores of Gull Island. The raft glides gently to a stop just off the beach. Fireflies dance in the moonlight. An owl takes to the sky with an indignant hoot. The island is quiet except for the splashed of four interlopers wading through the surf to the rocky shore. “I’ll be back when the moon vanishes over the mountains,” Orrin says with a grunt. He leans on his oar hard, pushing it against a nearby rock. He watches you somberly as he fades into the darkness.

Cast of Character


  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene
  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody


  • Orrin Greaves Gull Lake ferryman
  • [Name Unknown] undead necromancer tasked with protecting the entrance to the citadel

Part One: Gull Island

The party quietly picked their way across the rocky beach and up a short cliffside to survey Gull island. They found the remains of an ancient city and cautiously picked their way through the ruins.

Octavia and Alzaren noticed a pattern to the destruction while Baeren focused on observing the local area for any threats. Moving across a surprisingly clear street, Baeren drew the attention of several dormant constructs who set upon the party with wordless fury. The fight was hard won as the golems demonstrated a unnatural toughness.

After the dust settled the party moved more carefully towards the center of the devastation. Octavia sent her raven companion, Quoth, out to survey the area and was able to determine the approximate epicenter of whatever had destroyed this civilization.

The party decided to investigate the center of the destruction and began moving that way. They were, however distracted by a high pitched screech and the sound of a loud pounding. Quietly, the moved in the direction of the sound and eventually came upon a towering construct roaming the streets slowly.

Baeren moved to confront it while Octavia, Salvine, and Alzaren took cover. The sentinel noticed Baeren and charged, but did not attack straight away. It called to him in an ancient language, which only Salvine, who was currently running from the construct, could understand. Salvine found his spine, however, and returned to his companions to translate. The construct was saying that the party were foreigners and would be expelled. Thinking quickly Alzaren produced the shield pin the party retrieved from the vault under Moontower’s Fantastic Goods Emporium, spoke the word “Citizen”, and was able to pacify the Sentinel.

Once out of imminent danger, the party interrogated the construct for useful information. They learned that a magical accident over 500 years ago destroyed most of the city, though some magical constructs survived. Satisfied that the limited intelligence of the sentinel had given them all the useful information it could, they returned to attempting to reach the epicenter of the destruction.

Travelling through the ruins was relatively uneventful. Alzaren discovered a driftglobe fashioned into a necklace and a notebook from a previous adventuring attempt.

Part Two: Hold the Line

As the party grew near the center, the rubble became finer until it was little more that gravel. In this place of gravel, bones were piled up. Small at first, but as they approached a looming structure at the center, so too did the bone piles grow until they were more like small hills.

The structure turned out to be a large door frame standing alone. The doors inside, closed. Alzaren presented the shield pin and pushed the door open as things stirred nearby. The bring light of day pierced the midnight darkness as Alzaren pushed the door open. The undead that had lain in wait attacked. Upon sighting Salvine, the necromancer who controlled the undead called for reinforcements and more skeletons and zombies joined the fray until it was a small horde. The party fought back but realizing how many bones surrounded them, thought it would be a good idea to retreat through the door into whatever strange place lay beyond the doorway.

Part Three: The Citadel

The door lead to a cracked and crumbling glass bridge. When the door slammed shut for the last time, the impact disturbed the delicate balance 500 years of shifting and settling had made and started a chain reaction. The bridge began to crumble under the party’s feet. They ran for their lives across the collapsing bridge and barely made it to the other side before the who thing fell into the emptiness below.

Part Four: Exploration

Now stranded, on a crumbling Citadel suspended in the clouds, the party searched for a way out. They explored the lower level until finding themselves at the barrack where a pamphlet had told them the watch could be found. Alzaren again tried to use the shield pin to open the door, but this time the attempt failed.

The party took a few minutes to survey their surroundings before deciding to move to the second level.