Session 12: The Citadel

A gentle, almost imperceptible, thrum reverberates in the ground. The sensation is easy to get used to, easy to ignore. Easy to forget. But it’s ever present vibration haunts every corner of the citadel. The chaos of tubes that line the central support column subtly dance with the rhythm. The very magic that suffuses every surface in this place moves to the beat.

The stairs that spiral up at the center of the square are tall, steep, and wide, each one brass polished to a mirror finish. They climb up and away nearly 100 feet. Each one promises to take the party closer to their goals.

Cast of Character


  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene


  • [Name unknown] Lone defender of the Citadel

Part One: Picking at the Bones

After taking stock of their surroundings, the party decided that their best course of action would be to ascend the stairs at the center of the first tier. An exploration of the second tier turned up an ancient weapon and several undamaged garments, but little else of note. As day turned to night, the color of the lights shifted to amber and Alzaren correctly guessed that there was a curfew in the abandoned city. The party sheltered in one of the larger homes for the night as spidery constructs swarmed around the citadel.

The morning saw the constructs retreat to wherever they came from and the party resumed their exploration. Octavia and Alzaren noticed something strange about the falling debris and decided to test a hypothesis. They discovered that an object dropped from the side of the citadel would eventually be seen falling from above.

Part Two: Upward Momentum

With their curiosity momentarily sated, the party decided to ascend to the top level of the citadel to find a way out and see if they could find anything useful there. The stairs, however, had other plans in mind. A mere ten steps away from the top of the landing, the stairs were damaged enough that they had fallen away. Alzaren, Baeren, and Octavia leapt over the gap and threw a rope to Salvine, whose fear of heights prevented him from attempting the jump. While he dangled one hundred feet above the granite floor, he spotted something moving through the buildings below. Octavia decided to investigate, but was unable to find anything.

At the top of the landing, the party discovered the aftermath of a battle from long ago. Bodies were strewn about and surrounded the remains of one of the larger arcane constructs that patrol the citadel. After deciding that it would be next to impossible to determine when this battle had taken place, they resumed their search of the area.

Part Three: The Ungrateful Dead

After exploring briefly, Salvine started a chain reaction that caused the bodies lying around to rise and attack. He fled and tried to fend them off by himself before the rest of the party was able to come to his aid. The battle was grueling. Towards the end of the fight, when the battle seemed to be in hand, a stranger joined the fray to stop one of the undead from escaping with a staff that appeared to control the undead. He and the party were able to quickly dispatch the remaining undead.

As the dust settles and the adrenaline fades, the party stops to catch their breath.