Session 13: Season of the Lich

The stranger before you stands stiffly. His eyes move over each of you as one might inspect meat at a butcher’s shop. He pauses briefly when looking at Salvine and his eyes narrowed to slits. He holds the glare for an uncomfortably long moment before moving on to scan the courtyard, strewn with bodies, for any threats. Satisfied, he retrieves a small pack slung over his shoulder and begins searching through the contents.

Cast of Characters


  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Mordiby played by Cody
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene


  • Cott Broadshield Lone defender of the Citadel
  • Delivnos the Lich Ancient Lich who lived during the reign of the Forgotten Empire
  • Yxeri the Speaker Eldritch abomination set on breaching the library of the Forgotten Empire

Part One: With Friends Like These

The party and the new stranger were standoffish for a time. Eventually the tension was broken by trying to figure out a way to communicate. The party learns that the stranger’s name was Cott and that he is an undead paladin protecting the remains of the Forgotten Empire. He urges them to burn the bodies to prevent them from returning to life once more.

After that task is complete, Cott invites the party to return with him to his home where they can talk at length about what’s been going on since the fall of the Forgotten Empire. The passage of time and the pain of loss have not done well for Cott’s wellbeing. He keeps the bones of what he claims to be his sister at the dinner table and sets a plate of food out for the remains when serving the rest of the party their meal.

He told them of the struggle between the Lich, Delvinos, and strange aberrations that are leaking into the pocket dimension where the capital resides. Octavia and Alzaren are eager to converse with Delvinos, but Cott council’s against it. He claims that 500 or more years of necrotic magics have not done her mental state any favors and fears she might kill the party on sight. The party offers to return the book they recovered from the Hags that detailed the ritual of temporary corruption and the staff they recovered from the undead they had just defeated. Cott still did not give them good odds, but agreed to take them to see her. After their meal and discussion was concluded the party amused themselves for a time before retiring to prepare for the next day’s work.

Part Two: Uninvited Guests

The next day Cott lead the party up a secret stairway to the central hub of government in the forgotten Empire. Baeren found the central hub to be a strategically important location and set about creating improvised fortifications with the aid of Salvine while Octavia and Alazen went to speak with Delvinos.

Delvinos as it turned out, was a frail half elven woman with raven black hair. Her interactions were stiff and cautious but the return of her staff and book put her mind at ease enough to see the party as potentially useful tools. She asked Alzaren and Octavia to seal off any entrances to the citadel they could and agreed to repair Baeren’s axe.

Meanwhile Baeren and Salvine held the fortifications. A lone Tauxith partrolled near until it spotted the barricade. Confused, the beast inspected the structure while Baeren moved into position to strike. Fear surged through Salvine who, at the sight of Cott, Alzaren, and Octavia, panicked and ran.

The fight was over quickly when Baeren charged through his makeshift barricade and demolished the creature.

Part Three: Unfound Door

After a brief scuffle, the party was reunited. At Cott’s urging, the party quickly moves towards the door that lead out of the citadel. The party was ambushed by Xerxi the Speaker and several Tauxi. Baeren got mind controlled briefly and almost killed Octavia, but the spell was broken by Mordiby. The battle was brutal and Mordiby fell during the fight.

Afterword the party rushed towards the door and flung it open to find a familiar sight.