Session 14: You Can Go Home Again

The door opens on a dark stone chamber. The sole inhabitants of the room are a short, round man leaning on a table and a young woman looking at him with incredible skepticism. They seem to be oblivious to the portal that has just opened twenty feet from them and continue.

“It will be good for your career,” the man says slicking his oily hair back. The woman looks at him with contempt.

“I can open a lot of doors for you,” he pleads, starting to sound desperate. She doesn’t respond and begins gathering the papers on the table.

Cast of Characters


  • Thundershrub played by Justin
  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene


  • Rina Torunn Baeren’s Mother
  • Fisher Havok’s point main and chief muscle
  • Havok small time crook turned big time player
  • Lord Willis Baeren’s former commanding officer, appointed to the House of Lords 2 years ago

Part One: Through the Door

The party traveled through the strange door in the Citadel and found themselves in the Lisell House of Commons. They quickly made their way to the open market outside the civic building and found an old contact of Octavia’s who guided them to safety. Baeren, knowing the area and some of the recent politics, decided it would be wise to to acquire travel papers for the group. He decided to find an old forger he once knew during his service in the lisellian military. Before that however, the party needed a change of clothes. The party travelled to Baeren’s childhood home to find his mother. She was elated that her son, who she had thought dead, had returned to her.

After a brief, but happy reunion Baeren set about tracking down the forger known as Havok. He and Alzaren set out to the bar where Baeren knew he could be contacted.

Meanwhile the remaining party, now accompanied by the druid Thundershrub were tasked by Mrs. Torunn to gather ingredients for a meal. Salvine and Thundershrub gathered birds from the nearby riverfront while Octavia peeled potatoes and prepared other vegetables.

Part Two: The Broken Nose

The bar where Baeren knew Havok could be found was different than he remembered. The place he knew was a dangerous place filled with cutthroats where you’d be luck to leave with all your teeth, but the place he and Alzaren entered was much more tame. The two adventurers made contact with the bartender and asked after Havok. While Baeren met with Fisher, Alzaren mingled and eventually stumbled upon William Pastorglenn and Sorey, his mute assistant. The pair were trying to rook patrons into a rigged game where they were asked to simply lift a stone. Alzaren, seeing that there was no doubt a trick to it, inquired as to what was going on. After showing William a trick of his own, Alzaren learned the secrets of the strange stone the gnome travelled with.

Meanwhile Baeren exchanged heated words with Fisher, but managed to negotiate a deal for 5 sets of travel papers and a meeting with Havok. Fisher motioned for Baeren to follow and Alzaren noticed the pair leaved and pursued. Fisher noticed Alzaren and after a brief conversation agreed to let the bard tag along. The huge man led them through the back alleyways and across darkened streets of Lisell’s dock district until they arrived at their destination. A locked door. The thug made a series of rhythmic taps which Baeren was able to commit to memory before the door opened and a dwarf carrying a strange weapon hurried them in.

Part Three: Caught in a trap

Fisher and the dwarf that was in the storeroom left Baeren and Alzaren alone. The dwarf with the strange weapon locked the door leading deeper into the building behind him, but fisher did not lock the door to the alleyway when he stepped out. Alzaren took the opportunity to peer out to see if they were going to be ambushed and instead saw a garishly dressed elf enter the alley and speak briefly to Fisher.

Fisher for his part seemed nonplused. Alzaren quickly ducked back in before he was noticed and informed Baeren of what was going on outside. Havok entered as Alzaren finished recounting the events he witnessed. Baeren made great efforts to restrain himself during the encounter and asked Havok for information regarding the people who had framed him. Havok said he would give him that information in exchange for him allowing himself to be seen in a public place in the next two days. Baeren, fearing the chaos that might cause, refused. With their deal stalled, Havok lost interest and ended the encounter briskly. He snapped his fingers and dispelled the illusion he was using to project himself into the room and Fisher entered with their forged papers.

A little defeated Baeren and Alzaren returned to the Torunn residence to plan their next move.

Part Four:Runs in the Family

The party who had remained at Baeren’s mother’s home helped themselves to seagull stew. They ate and spoke briefly to Mrs. Torunn but she was preoccupied with a task in another room. When Baeren and Alzaren returned they relayed their encounter to the rest of the party. Unsure of their next move Baeren thought it would be wise to send word to Sir Willis and invite him to meet. While they waited for Willis to show Baeren talked with his mother about his next move. She was adamant that she was coming with Baeren on his adventure, but fearing for her safety Baeren told her know. As stubborn as Baeren is however, he mother makes him look agreeable. She would hear nothing of her remaining and vowed to leave whether it was with her son or not. Baeren relented and with Octavia’s held formed a plan to take her to summercliff where she might be safer.

After their plans were solidified, the party decided to rest for the night. The next morning several of the adventurers noticed a conspicuous new apple cart across the road from the Torunn residence. Alzaren went to investigate and determined it was set my someone interested in keeping tabs on Baeren and his movements.

Part Five: A friendly Visit

Before the sun had risen far in the sky Sir Willis and a small honor guard arrived at the Torunn residence. He greeted Baeren with the joy of finding out someone he had thought was dead was still alive. He told Baeren that he had been appointed to the House of Lords, given a small parcel of land, and was now Lord Willis. Baeren asked Lord Willis if he had any information about the people who had framed him or any leads on the men and women from his old unit. To Baeren’s disappointment Lord Willis did not have the information he sought, but promised to inquire after the whereabouts of his former squad mates. Baeren recounted the tales of his adventures and Lord Willis mentioned how lucky he and his travelling companions were to have left Shieldcrest before the undead arrive several weeks prior. This was unusual because the party had been there several days ago and there were no undead to speak of save those they encountered on Gull Island. Baeren shared his plans with Willis who asked to inspect the travel papers Havok had provided. He discovered that Baeren’s name was written prominently on one of the travel visas and advised Baeren that whoever he got the papers from was trying to get him killed. Lord Willis implored Baeren to remain in Lisell and lead a rebellion against the corrupted Lisellian Nobility but Baeren was concerned about the civilian casualties and declined the invitation.

Disappointed, Lord Willis offered to smuggle Baeren and his friends safely out of Lisell on his boat. The party agreed to this plan and Lord Willis left to make the arrangements.

As they again waited for Lord Willis the heroes gathered their things to prepare for the next leg of their journey.