Session 15: By Land or By Sea

Lisell had changed. Not in any way a frequent traveller would notice, but watching the streets in what was once a vibrant crafting district you could see it. The forge fires burned lower, the children on the streets played with less zeal, and even the seagulls seemed hesitant. Two such birds perch on a rooftop watching the apples in the basketa of the new stall that opened this morning. Painted in hurried letters across an embossed plaque held to the stand by rough woven rope are the words “Apples, all hours”. The seagulls observing the stand however do not know what the sign says, they just know the red skins of the apples look enticing. They have fallen on hard times since the fishmonger who used to live in this neighborhood left for the bridge. They have almost completely lost their instinct to hunt and sorely miss his buckets of scrap. The larger of the pair seems to build up the courage to try her luck with the apple. She unfurls her wings, lets out her fiercest caw, but loses her nerve as one of the men watching the cart grabs one and begins to eat it.

Cast of Character


  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene
  • Salvine played by Cody
  • Thundershrub played by Justin
  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad


  • Rina Torunn Baeren’s Mother
  • Lord Willis Baeren’s former commanding officer, appointed to the House of Lords 2 years ago
  • Fisher Havok’s point main and chief muscle
  • Havok small time crook turned big time player
  • Tabitha associate of Octavia’s who is currently safeguarding her children
  • Pinley the Elder reclusive researcher at the Arcane University

Part One: Not so Fast!

The party travelled with Sir/Lord Willis to his boat. Along the way they were ambushed by Havok and his men, dressed at Lisellen soldiers. Fisher, Havok’s right hand man, lead the charge against the party, but he and his men were ultimately defeated. Seeing his defeat coming, Havok fled, only to be run down and pinned by Baeren. After a brief exchange where Havok gloated, Baeren slit his throat. Instead of slumping to the ground and leaving a corpse, Havok’s body shattered like glass and melted away into dust, leaving only a strange metal spike.

With so many bodies dressed like Lisellen soldiers, Sir/Lord Willis decided to stay behind and work on damage control.

Part Two: Travel Montage

The party sailed across the western side of the Mastic River and landed safely on Cardinia shores. From there they travelled to Summercliff, the capital of Cardinia.

Part Three: Course Correcting

Octavia lead the party to the home of Tabitha to hide out for a time. Alzaren decided to take the opportunity of being so close to the arcane university to pay the institution a visit to see if he could learn more information about several of the artifacts the party had come across. Pinley the Elder was able to adequately explain the function and purpose of the large rubies recovered from the golems in the Citadel and the metal spike recovered from Havok’s simulacrum. Alzaren leaned on Pinley and got him to agree to research more details regarding Yxeri the Speak and delve deeper into the practical applications of the rubies.

Meanwhile Baeren climbed the cliff side to pay the royal castle a visit. He inquired as to whether he would be able to travel to the undead ridden upper plateau in an official capacity. After taking his information the watch captain asked Baeren to wait several days so he could check the party’s references, which Baeren agreed to.

Octavia set out to find her children in the twisting streets of Summercliff. After many hours of tracking she was able to catch up to them in a disused city park. The reunion was brief, but touching, and Octavia escorted her children to Tabitha’s safehouse. She left gold with Tabitha for the education and training of her children while she travelled.

Part Four: Thunderspike

Salvine, having finally a moment to himself, began processing the events of the citadel and probed his memories for information about Mordiby, who or what Salvine is, and what can be done to reestablish the connection with his patron.

After returning with the spike Alzaren relayed what Pinley had told him to the party. Thundershrub was intrigued and decided to experiment with the spike by creating a growth of plant matter and stabbing it. The test paid off and a small humanoid create was animated from the vines. While Thundershrub was distracted by his discovery the creature slipped off into a patch of corn in the community garden where he was experimenting and killed a cat. The brush monster returned to its master and presented him proudly with the slain cat. Salvine was not pleased. Alzaren and Octavia checked the cat’s vitals and confirmed it was dead. Thundershrub quickly removed the spike from the creature, which promptly returned to a mass of vines.

With nothing to do but wait, the party hunkered down for the night.