Session 16: Arbitration

Cast of Characters


  • Baeren Torunn played by Brad
  • Octavia Barnaby played by Jolene
  • Thundershrub played by Justin
  • Alzaren played by Dave
  • Salvine played by Cody


  • Tabitha associate of Octavia’s who is currently safeguarding her children
  • Pinley the Elder reclusive researcher at the Arcane University
  • Mirabelle Nightspirit Demonology professor at the Arcane University
  • The Arbiter a professional who arbitrates disagreements between two or more parties
  • [Name Unknown] Guard Captain at Summercliff Castle

Part One: As Above, So Below

Alzaren, Octavia, Thundershrub, and Salvine speak with Pinley about the magical ruby. Pinley revealed that he had figured out the secrets of the ruby and it was a magical battery that could store spell energy. He showed Alzaren and Octavia how to charge the ruby, but also how to transfer that energy into the vessel that powers Octavia’s dagger. Salvine asked Pinley about demons and her referred him to a colleague. Salvine meets with Mirabelle to talk about Mordiby. Instead she summoned an image of Mordiby who instructed Salvine to seek the Dragon in the Mountains, Lundergarde.

Spell Ruby

Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)
While holding this gem you can use an action to cast a spell that has a single target (even if it wouldn’t normally be able to effect an inanimate object) into the gem. The gem gains a number of charges equal to the level of the spell cast. A spell that can be cast at a higher level gives a number of charges equal to the level of the spell slot used to cast it. Charges may be transferred into any magic item that has charges provided it and the Spell Ruby have been linked. Transferring charges can be done as part of a short or long rest. To link an item to a spell ruby you must spend a short rest (you gain no other benefits normally granted by a short rest). Only one item may be linked at a time and items that have previously been linked cannot be linked again.

Mana Battery

Wondrous item, uncommon
As part of a normal attack, you may expend any number of charges stored in the battery to add 1d8 thunder damage per charge to the attack. Expending the last charge or more than three charges in a single attack has a 50% chance to shatter the battery, destroying it.

Part Two: Served

While trying to find a suitable place to practice his blacksmithing Baeren is given an invitation to attend arbitration. He was not interested, but the party decided to go in his stead.

Part Three: A Gentleman’s Agreement

The party, sans Baeren met with the arbiter who offered Baeren a deal: Forsake Lissel and be given the information about the people who framed him. As a token of good faith Havok offered the head of Gromuk the Blessed, who was part of the conspiracy. Alzaren negotiated on behalf of Baeren and asked for the information to be verified.

After the arbiter had left, Octavia opened a chest he had left behind and found a potential list of assassins that would be employed to enforce the agreement if Baeren accepted it.

Arbiter Operatives

  • Paul Renner, Sons of the Blackhart, last contacted on the southern coast of Lakan.
  • Viir Koto, Rois Morts, maintains a residence in Arrak, the capital of Quath
  • Ironjaw McGinty, Drowned Mermaid, frequently found in Vaul
  • Korna Redhook, DECEASED, Serpent’s Palm, runs a fence from the basement of Moontower’s Fantastic Goods Emporium in Shieldcrest
  • Parker Halfbeard, Unaffiliated, laying low in the western edge of Sarpak
  • Octavia Barnaby, Guild of Reprisal, inactive. Married a prominent merchant in Goodhearth
  • Bardcroft Stonesthrow, Serpent’s Palm, intel gathering in the Ballar Plains
  • Sorey Xelnir, Pastorglenn, traveling with a con man last contacted in Lissel
  • G’kar, Kolorhea Collective, connected with the tribes in central Arris
  • Ericka Blackgill, Guild of Reprisals, stationed in Petra
  • Morgrain Wells, Freelancer, maintains residence in Krysdamala
  • Lewelen Moss, Crossroads, camps near the barrier islands in Hefarn
  • Desmond Vexx, Temple of Shik, acolyte in Summercliff
  • Alexa Rex, Blackhand, use deaddrop in the Glimmerwood
  • Gord Knothis, Ex Mortis, Quinoa province, marrowpen
  • Fisher Hauxberg,DECEASED, CONFLICT OF INTERESTS, Agents of Havok, Lissel dock district
  • Lucian Rumsfeld, Autumn’s Twilight, Southern Arris, near Takcha Vandalmar
  • Hieronymous Bosch, Retired, Northern Tormad Range

Part Four: A Walk in the Woods

Baeren was disgusted by Havok’s offer, and could not believe Gromuk had betrayed him. The party sought the assistance of a cleric to speak with Gromuk’s spirit. He confirmed that he had indeed betrayed Baeren. Baeren was so enraged, he walked for hours deep into the forest near Summercliff and threw the head into a peat bog.

Part Five: Burn After Reading

After calming down, Baeren returned to Tabitha’s. He and the rest of the party climbed the stairs to Summercliff Keep where they spoke with the Guard Captain Baeren had met with previously. The Guard Captain had done a background check on Baeren and learned of a recent encounter with the Lisselan army that disqualified him from serving the crown. However the captain wanted any help he could get regaining control of the region and gave the party each a writ he assured them would get them out of any trouble should they encounter it. The writ was a simple imperative, “allow this traveller to pass” and was signed by someone named Edwynn Hawkmoore.

Having done all that they needed to, they party began making preparations for their return to Shieldcrest.